International workshop 10th March 2011 Budapest, Hungary

International workshop 10th of March 2011 Budapest, Hungary

User needs on energy and minerals data and services

Secure supply of energy and minerals

A central problem Europe is facing today is to secure its energy and non-energetic minerals supply. Since disruptions and shortages are immediately felt by the citizens and can have large impact on economy, as well as repercussions on foreign relations, energy and minerals secure supply is today very high in the political agendas across Europe and at the EC. The competitiveness of European Industry is depending upon energy and raw materials secure supply. The recent strategies launched for the EC for energy and mineral resources Europe’s secure supply include the improvement of the knowledge about the European resources as an important strategy to target this security.



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Why EuroGeoSource?

EuroGeoSource is a response and a contribution to the EC and Member States Energy and Mineral Resources on going strategies. EuroGeoSource:

  • - Is a three year project co-funded by the ICT PSP European Commission program, started in April 2010.
  • - Will contribute to an interoperability and harmonization on energy and minerals data in Europe.
  • - Will develop a web GIS system, in a multilingual system to identify access, use and reuse aggregated geographical information on geo energy and mineral resources.
  • - Includes data from at least ten countries in Europe.
  • - Will enable services for the registration of data sets from different countries, as the visualization and overlay of the information layers obtained from distributed sources and spatial analysis.


Why this workshop?

The main purposes of this workshop were:

  • - To present the guidelines of the European strategies related with energy and mineral resources.
  • - To do a public presentation of the objectives of the project and what have been done so far directed to our end users.
  • - To have the vision and get inputs of our potential users (mining companies, policy makers, consulting companies, land use planners, researchers…) at Member State, European and international levels, about their needs and expectations on our project deliverables and functionalities.





Morning session


Afternoon session


08:30 Registration

09:15 Welcome

Ms. Annamaria Nador

09:30 EuroGeoSource – overview, why this workshop

Mr. Stephan Gruijters

10:00 OECD - Export Restrictions on Strategic Raw Materials and their Impact on Trade and Global Supply

Ms. Barbara Fliess

10:20 EESC - Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the 'Non-energy mining industry in Europe’

Mr. Dumitru Fornea

10:40 DG Enterprise and Industry (EC) - Raw Materials Initiative: Results of the Ad-hoc Working Groups and further developments.

Ms. Antje Wittenberg


11:00 Coffee Break


11:30 Research community perspective

Mr. Pär Weihed

11:50 EuroGeoSource within the context of INSPIRE

Mr. Martin Tuchyna, Mr. Peter Semrad

12.10 Discussion with panel of presenters morning session


12:30 Lunch Period


14:00 EuroGeoSource WP2 - Requirements for geo-energy and mineral resurces data delivery at EU and national users' levels

Ms. Nathalie Maricq

14:20 EuroGeoSource WP3 - National, political and organizational aspects of geo-energy and mineral resources data management

Mr. Tibor Tullner

14:40 EuroGeoSource WP4 - Key economic attributes and data model

Ms. Jasna Šinigoj

15:00 Prototype demonstration EuroGeoSource portal

Mr. Steven Fruijtier


15:20 Coffee break


15:40 OGP Europe, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers

Richard Wylde

16:00 The oil and gas companies' needs on geological data

Mr. Barthold Schroot

16:20 Euromines - The mining companies' vision

Ms. Corina Hebestreit

16:40 Integrating Geo-resources data in Land Use Planning

Mr. Luís Martins

17:00 Discussion with panel of presenters afternoon session

17:20 Conclusions of the day

Mr. Stephan Gruijters

17:30 Post Workshop EuroGeoSource toast




The conference venue was the Gellért Hotel, located on the shore of the Danube in the breath-taking old part of Budapest.