EuroGeoSource is a data portal, which allows access by Internet to the aggregated geographical information on geo-energy (oil, gas, coal etc.) and mineral resources (metallic and non-metallic minerals, industrial minerals and construction materials: gravel, sand, ornamental stone etc.), coming from a wide range of sources in a significant coverage area of Europe (ten countries). The project is co-funded by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP), under the Policy Support Programme (PSP), Geographic Information Theme.

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The aim of the project is to provide information on oil and gas fields, including prospects and mineral deposits, in order to stimulate investment in new prospects for geo-energy resources, as well as in renewing production at mines undergoing economic decline or closure, contributing this way to the independence of the EU having to import valuable minerals from outside resources.

By developing web services for sharing spatial data between public organizations and authorities (including EC and EU research and policy making institutions), as well as commercial stakeholders, the project will enable the creation of value-added services (such as demand-supply modeling) for the sustainable geo-energy and mineral supply of Europe.

The portal will welcome all other national/local data providers who wish to join in these initiatives by either using the web services to deliver their data  on the Internet (according to their licensing conditions), or by incorporating these services into their own applications.

The practical implementation of the spatial infrastructure for oil and gas and mineral deposit data sets will also contribute to themes 20 and 21 of Annex III of the INSPIRE Directive.

The EuroGeoSource outputs are intended for the use of the European Commission and its institutions, EU and national geo-energy and mining authorities, oil, gas and mining companies, investment companies, geological surveys, research institutes, universities and the general public.